About Us

GOWAAN! We’re Bex and Martha, two Northern girls both buzzing to ride bikes. We currently spend our summers travelling the world racing the Enduro World Series circuit, but when we are not racing we simply love to just ride our bikes, be silly and learn new things. 

The idea of Gowaan Gals is to show what we get up to on and off the race course, inspire others to pick up a bike and try new things and give back to the MTB community where we can.

Bex Baraona

I’m Bex, and I’ve been mad for bikes for the last 10 years. I got into racing straight away and got hooked on it and been living out a dream for the last few years – riding and racing all over the world professionally!

I’m always buzzing to ride and see others push their skills 🙂 Setting Gowaan up was never something I set out to do, its something that evolved from just riding and hanging out with me best bud, Martha. It’s taught us both a lot and I’m really enjoying the process!

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Martha Gill

Hi, I’m Martha, my favourite colour is orange, my favourite biscuit is custard creams and my favourite wheel is the back one.

I’m enjoying following where my bike takes me around the world racing and riding. Sharing the love and laughs with friends along the way.

When I’m not riding bikes, I love to get musical on the piano and guitar and express my creative side through videos for Gowaan.

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